Success is a law of nature, it's an investment of the soul

Success Habits & Manifestation Mindset Program


Need consistency, accountability, and a coach in your pocket? 

Our NEW Success Habits Mindset Online Program with Fitness App is here for only $17 a month!!  

  1. Choose a goal you will achieve in 3 months.  Set it, and forget it.
  2.  Expand.  Raise your energy vibration and adopt the identity mindset that matches the goal.
  3. Set priorities, balance, and boundaries to support the goal.
  4. Create your personal step-by-step system and follow through process for results.
  5. You will begin to flow with progress when your head is in agreed alignment with your heart.

What you  get:

  • Weekly Manifestation Thoughts Thursdays LIVE in our FB group.
  • Weekly healthy recipe swap.
  • Weekly Trainer Talk Tuesdays lesson.
  • Weekly Success Mindset journal prompts.
  • Monthly book club in Zoom video chat room.
  • Victory App to create your own workout routines with video instructions.
  • Victory App to create your own meal plans or track your food.
  • Win made for you meal plans, workout plans, & coaching calls with our monthly challenges.

"Do the thing you think you cannot do." -Eleanor Roosevelt

Your Facilitator

Clem Lafrades

Certified Life Coach, author of Slay and Shine Success Plan Workbook, women's leadership & success keynote speaker, founder & creator of Victory Get Fit Club, ex-marathon racer turned natural drug free bodybuilding competitor, past producer of Victory Natural Northwest, Co-president of Girlfriend's Success Circle, and host of Clem & Alfred Unequally Yoked Podcast

Live the life you deserve

After 20+ years in business, Clem experienced a severe anxiety attack.  She knew if she were to continue living a lifestyle of hustle, grind, people pleasing, care-taking, and high pressure performance, the stress would have further adverse affect on her physical and mental health.  So she defined her priorities, set boundaries, created balance, healed her heart, and listens to her soul daily to live in alignment and flow with her goals and dreams.

Tired of swimming against the current for results and getting no where?

There are different reasons why you have not yet accomplished what you set out to achieve but it's NOT because there's anything wrong with you.  You may need a tweek in your system's method, need accountability for repetitive practice to make a habit stick, a change in your subconscious beliefs and self-confidence, or to raise your energetic vibration to the level of you next best self.  Whatever the reason, it's time to stop spinning wheels and make some progress.  Reserve your spot in the next 12 weeks Badass Manifester's Success Mindset & Habits program.