Show Prep Coaching


Coaching Natural Drug free competitors only. Show prep is at minimum 16 weeks. But depending on what condition you start with, it can be 10-12 months. Prepping a client for a show takes a lot of commitment & work not only from the athlete but also us coaches. So we only take a limited number of athletes per competition season. And you will be working with a coaching team who collaborates on strategies for you, not just one coach.

Step One: First read banned substance list & testing procedures for the federation & show you want to compete in. For NANBF shows click here:
Step Two: Schedule your first appointment with a coach & purchase your Show Prep Package by clicking here: SHOW PREP
Step Three: Contact coach if Show Prep Questionnaire & coaching relationship details has not been received. Arrive to appointment with short shorts & sports bra or bikini so we can get a really good look at your current physique. Submit your questionnaire AND a meal log from the past week.
Step Five: Coaches use data from the InBody report and measurements to get an idea of your show prep length time based on your current physique. Decide on a show date, register, and commit. Set it in stone and don’t give yourself a back door.
Step Four: Show Prep Coaching does not include workouts, personal/group training, or workout design. Coaches will examine your physique at your weekly or bi-weekly InBody scans to make recommendations in your workouts if you do not workout at our club.
Step Six: A Facebook profile is necessary to be added to our secret private Show Prep Facebook group for accountability, regular weekly check-in assignments, etc.
Step Seven: Posing Class on a weekly basis is mandatory. Start attending right away. (Contact Katy Wayman-White for dates and times)
Step Eight: Follow your plan, trust the process, and commit to yourself even when times get hard. Results are incremental but add up to big things over time.
Step Nine: Get fitted with a local bikini maker with custom measurements. List of local bikinis is found in our private FB group. Purchase online bikinis at your own risk. But be sure to know suit rules for the federation you will be competing in.
Step Ten: Exercise & meal prep instructions for the last week prior to your show and a packing list will be sent to you or posted in our private group.
Step Eleven: Smile on stage and have a ton of fun!! The stage is where you will celebrate your accomplishment. If you are competing in state and this is your first time, one of your coaches may be able to attend and assist you backstage with your suit, food timing, and pump up.
Step Twelve: Enjoy food and drink with your friends and family the night of and the morning after the show. But use wise caution by dinner time the next day. The week following your show, return immediately for an InBody scan to determine your current position and begin a strategic stair step safe diet reversal from “Show Prep leaning out” into “Off Season” lean mass & muscle building phase without overly gaining fat.

AFTER COMPETITION is crucial… sadly many athletes will undo all of the hard work in just 2 short weeks of binge eating. But if you follow the appropriate protocol for maintaining most of your results with a strategic gradual caloric step-up towards an everyday healthy lifestyle that gives you some freedom for food choices now no longer prepping for a show, then your “Off Season” can also be happy and healthy with a safe amount of fat gain without losing your athletic physique. We want you to continue enjoying your new body and healthy lifestyle not just for the stage. When you decide to return to the stage, we will safely prime and prepare your body for a gradual acclimation towards beginning your 16 weeks of leaning out show prep. Extreme dieting or abrupt changes in your eating can harm your metabolism and thyroid. This is why we recommend seeing a coach earlier than 16 weeks prior to a show. We will collect data and find out how much you are currently eating then make gradual shifts towards the lean out phase from there.

Regular & frequent open, honest, transparent communication is necessary for optimal results.. We use a private secret Facebook group to communicate important information that applies to all of our competitors. It is also a great place of support & camaraderie with those in a Stage Mindset. It’s a space for weekly goal/intention setting & accountability.

If you are local-
Regular InBody tests and face to face progress accountability tracking appointments will be scheduled twice to four times a month depending on progress of results.

Out of state-
Regular accountability appointments via live video will be scheduled twice a month or once a week depending on your progress & strategy. You will need to find a local InBody Scan and submit that to us minimum 2 times per month.

Each person requires a great amount of attention and strategy planning. We only take a few coaching clients per year.

Show Prep InBody

It is optimal that you start your 16 week show prep lean out phase with an InBody report that says you are at an average everyday healthy weight before leaning out for an athletic stage physique. Start show prep with Visceral fat at 5, body fat percentage below 25% for women, and InBody Fat Loss & Lean Mass Gain recommendation is at 0. Come in much earlier than 16 weeks if you are not at this point.
(See InBody Scan report example above)

With custom meal plan-
$275 to start, $149 per month on auto pay.

You will get:
1. 2-4 InBody scans a month
2. Monthly measurements and progress photos
3. Coaching, guidance, & strategy plans based on InBody results submitted.
4. Packing list for local & out of town shows.

To make appointment & purchase,
Click HERE.