FitChick Victories

These are just a few of our success stories who were willing to share and be a beacon of hope and inspiration to others who need to believe that average everyday mom's past 30 yrs old can still turn things around and achieve more than they physically imagine is possible. These women are as busy with jam packed lives just like you. They came to transform and with that first is their belief, then the determination to create solutions instead of excuses, then the habits, which create results, which create momentum and motivation. Once you start the process, you too will see it all the way through.

Sarah Tedrick

Vickie Christopher

Kristi Bridgman

Jane Hughes

Vanessa Cook

Adrienne Wentworth

Sherri Goodwin

Diane Peterson

Joanna Dyckhoff

Jill Grinde

Charlotte Anderson

Alicia Gundersen

Missy Everson

Hannah Christine

Patricia Davenport

Alyssa Billings

Rhiana Spicer

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