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Details on Victorious Lives Coaching Group

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Karen Ball, LMHC and Coach;  Crave Change, LLC. 206-954-7822
Karen Ball, LMHC and Coach; Crave Change, LLC. 206-954-7822

Week 1 Self Care
Establish guidelines for group participation that includes confidentiality, attendance, listening, how much to share, avoiding advice giving, and expectations about homework. Express to others and write down your AGENDA (i.e. what you want to start doing, stop doing, or do more of). Commit to what you are willing to do to get what you want. Self care is giving the gift of paying attention to your needs, wants, feelings, and thoughts. Learn about saying an empowered Yes to you and saying No to other things. The small daily choices of yes and no create the future that you want. Finish the session with a guided relaxation exercise and a positive visualization of yourself.

Week 2 Emotional Eating and Awareness of Thought Patterns
Emotional Eating is a cycle of Antecedents (triggers) Beliefs, Behaviors and Consequences. Identify your emotions and the circumstances that trigger your desire to eat when you are not hungry and what you are telling yourself that leads to either positive or negative behaviors and consequences. Learn to spot the 8 traits of emotional hunger and the signs for physical hunger. Learn and then practice a powerful tool for managing your thoughts and emotions.

Week 3 The Power of Positive Thinking
Share with the group your Unintentional and Intentional Thought Patterns and how becoming aware of circumstances, thoughts, and feelings directs your mood, actions and results. Learn the most effective strategies for goal setting and use visualization to help you create the life that you want.

Week 4 Vision Board and Body Image
Share your vision board with the group and articulate the things that you want to have and to do in your life. Take the Respect Your Body Quiz. The quiz has 14 questions that can help you realize how the culture, media or your own thoughts are having a negative impact on your body image and how you take care of your body. Underlying a negative body image are beliefs. Beliefs are a combination of thoughts, attitudes and experiences that direct how we live. You can change what you believe about yourself and your body. Participate in an exercise to articulate new beliefs and what you would do differently if you really believed you had a wonderful body worth taking care of.

Week 5 Know your DATA- Know Your Gremlins
Knowing your DATA is an exercise to highlight your desires, abilities, temperament, and assets. Focusing on your DATA helps you recognize what you really want and how capable, creative and resourceful you are. Then put your talent to work to reach your goals. What’s a Gremlin? Well she’s the narrator in your head that critics, edits, and defines your experiences. There are many types of gremlins such as the dictator, the doubter, the insistent coach, or the hulk. Start to tame that Gremlin by recognizing her voice and the tools that she uses to get her way.

Week 6- Check in with Yourself- Say Good Bye and Plan Your Next Steps
Complete a Final Self Assessment and notice the progress that you made in taking care of yourself, increased self confidence, and being clear about what you want and what you are willing to do to achieve results. Then keep moving forward by stating your next steps. Assess your support system, learn the various types of support, and find ways to get the support that you need to achieve your goals. Say good bye to group members by giving and receiving affirmations.