Nov. 2, Mile 2: Habits

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Mile 2 done.  Dropped off the kids, parked the car, and ran a mile perimeter around Christian Faith School this morning.  Are you down?  I had my work out clothes ready & that helped my mind solidify what the task of the morning is.  I knew that before I stepped back in the house this morning I better have a mile done.  In my mind I kept saying… “Just do it, just do it, just do it.  C’mon, I can do it.” 

I’ve learned from a doctor that there is resistance when I forge to do something different outside of what is my normal habitual lifestyle .  The brain is like a jungle, to get from point A to B a pioneer has to muscle through the vegetation forming a new path.  The more the path is travelled, the clearer and wider it gets.  Eventually gravel is cleared, pot holes filled, roads are paved and bridges are built.  But, the first work of navigating through the thick bush lost, confused, and lacking guidance information is the hardest.     

I learned from a different doctor that the 21 days we once thought formed new habits is no longer true.  The latest studies show it has to be at least 30 days.  And if you miss 1 day, day 1 starts on the day I restart.  There’s a lot of old habits that don’t serve me anymore that I’d like to grow a forest over and start a new clear pathways to a different point B (the better life I dream).

Starting Stats:  126 pounds, 27 % body fat (34 pounds).  Boy, has my muscle mass decreased.  I’m the same size, but space that used to occupy lean sexy muscles now resides smooshie jiggly flabby fat.  This will change…  I’m forming new habits like not working past 8pm.  Hey, it’s a start!  What habits will you form?