30 miles in 30 days….

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Okay… so I’m still not in love with running.  Last year I made up my mind to do 1 race a month or an equivalent of 12 5k’s in 2009.  My goal was to keep myself committed and motivated to run & stay in shape, & hopefully end up loving it.  I love how it makes me feel so exhilarated and accomplished, but that’s after the run is done.   I’ve run in a total of 14 races this year with 2 more planned before the year is over.  I ran an 8k & two 10k’s this year and realized how I can physically do a little more.  

What I’ve realized from my experiences….. I don’t live in the moment.  I set and make goals, always living in the future.  So I run just to add another check in the “Finished” column.  2010 goal:  Enjoy the beauty of it all & be grateful for the moments.  Live life day by day, not year by year. 

Marisa Mancke (Bellevue & Renton Victory Get Fit Club Fit Pro) challenged her Facebook friends to run 1 mile a day, everyday in the month of November.  That’s 30 days, 30 miles.  No excuses, no stories, no skipping and making up later.  When the day is over, it’s over.  Here’s my opportunity to live each day at a time.  To decide daily what my life will be today.  This will definitely cure my procrastination.  I’m not training or preparing for anything in the future, just choosing and creating the day I am living today.  What a different prospective for a goal setting procrastinator.  I’m used to participating in races I don’t prepare for, with great intentions to do so of course.  C’mon… who else out there does this besides me?

1 mile a day for 30 days… Starts Sunday, Nov. 1st.  Are you in?  It’s scouts honor, based on your word and integrity… no formal accountability.  Just check in here and leave your comments.  Let’s go through this journey together.  Who knows how we’ll evolve or who we’ll be in 30 days…..