Nov. 9 Mile 9: Be Smart

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“A person can make a decision in three ways: positively, negatively, or a decision not to make a decision. In all cases, a person is responsible for, and reaps the benefits or problems associated with that decision.” ~Thomas D. Willhite~

So, mile 9 was hard because I’m nursing a fat knee.  Swollen, I still wanted to run (walking takes longer to finish).  But, I decided to act wisely and speed walk.  I brought the kids with me, it was a great time together & I had to lower the intensity for my 6 yr. old.  I had a moment where I did get down on myself for not performing at the level I wanted (I had hoped for 2 miles).  Usually, along with disappointment (anxiety also), I have an urge to comfort eat.   Be careful if this happens to you.  It’s much harder to make clear wise decisions when emotionally charged. 

But being smart, I decided it’s wiser to walk & heal.  If you are having joint pains, ice 20 mins on and 20 off.  Stretch as often as you can, drink tons of water, get a massage, and get adjusted by a chiropractor to put your skeletal system back to alignment.

There’s no condemnation…. just awareness that today is only a small piece to the big puzzle.  Slow forward movement is still movement.  So make each choice count. 

9 miles done, 21 to go…. Woooohooo!