Nov. 5, Mile 5: Support

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Because running is still not my love nor my habit, being that it’s only day 5 of 30, my motivation is my word and accountability.  I have friends who are doing their mile, working hard, investing their time, or sacrificing their time… however you see it that day.  A husband who does his mile and asks about mine.  Friends on Facebook cheering me on.  Knowing that others are going through similar experiences like mines, that motivates me.  The dreary weather outside was a turn off, but it had to be done.  Studies show that 30 days (revised from 21) of repetitive action creates a habit.  Until I can do this on my own, I’m glad to have all of my supportive friends.  I get to feed off of your energy and enthusiasm.  I’ll be paying it forward very soon. 

Mile 5, 25 to go….    Hey, it’s not too late, you can still join in on the movement.  Just add a little more to your runs and make up what you missed.  Hope you’ll join us.