Nov. 11, Mile 11: Speed Bump

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Over the years I’ve had fitness clients get blown out of the exercise water for one reason or another.  Only a few of the justifications I’m told are actually legit but most are just excuses they want me and themselves to believe.  When I hear an excuse from clients & myself I remember a poem that my husband was trained to memorize & recite in his college fraternity.  I googled it, turns out there are many poems they have to commit to memory for different purposes. 

Excuses (a poem you`ll have to recite if your Dean or a member thinks you`re giving an excuse to something)
“Excuses are the tools of the weak and incompetent.  Used to build monuments of nothingness.  Those who excel in it seldom excel in anything else but excuses.”~ unknown
It’s Wednesday again…. the busiest day of the week in my world.  So I had a ton of excuses.  Not to mention my swollen knee.  But, like I tell my clients when they sprain an ankle, pull muscles, or incur other injuries… Stop seeing these things as Road Blocks to your destination/destiny.  These are only Speed Bumps to slow you down to learn lessons and habits along the way that you’d miss if you were going too fast.  Today is my opportunity to exercise creativity, committedness, determination, and the ability to shift.  Instead of giving up, today I altered and ran on my mini trampoline.  

Walking Pedometer Steps Equivalents

1 mile = 2000 average steps (range 1900-2400)
Did you know that jumping rope for 10 mins. is equivalent to a 12 min. mile?  Here’s a huge list of pedometer equivalents
11 miles done, 19 to go.