Nov. 12, Mile 12: Hills

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Did I mention that running…. uhhhmm, I mean jogging hills is easier now.  I decided from the beginning of the 30 miles in 30 days Challenge that I would do many of those miles on hills.  Somehow in my mind I figured that running on flat land wasn’t too much of a stretch for me & that hills is the medicine to improving my time on flat courses.  I also figured that running up hill for a half a mile must be equivalent to the intensity and energy output of 1 mile flat.  I don’t know if that’s accurate but, it makes me feel like I’m doing more in less time. 

Okay, I know what you’re thinking…. “Hills suck!”  And I agree.  But so is anything that we aren’t that good at, excel in, or brand new to.  Eventually, with enough practice, hills will be so normal it will not be a challenge.  When I participate in races in hilly Tacoma, Wa., I meet runners over 60 years old running past me as we climb.  They’ve been running these races for 20+ years and I love when they encourage me.  It warms my heart when I see the little old husband and wife couple running up hill together.  It gives me something to look forward to as I age.  Who are your role models for ageing?  Do you like what you see?  If all you know is sickness, disease, wheel chairs, and walkers… that’s probably what you will manifest in your life.  Find new role models!  My mission is to live a full and active life all the way up to the end so that I my kids and grandkids can look forward to better Golden Years for themselves.

12 miles down, 18 to go!!