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25 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi Alfred, I was in your abs/care class on wednesday. I got there after a car accident im sure you wouldnt forget (thank you for your help btw). But I left my gasoline drenched long sleeved pink pull over there. Is it still there or did you burn it lol? I am committed to rejoin you guys so will be there for zumba on Tuesday and your abs class on wednesday. Can you help keep it somewhere for me please?

  2. Hi Nancy! Just wanted to make sure you got the info I sent you on our FB wall. The next Renton FitCamp starts monday Nov. 26-Dec. 21 5:30am at Kennydale elementary. There's a 4 for $40 trial package that you can take advantage of. Happy Thanksgiving! Have a safe and wonderful trip!

  3. When is your next class in renton.I will be out of town 19-29th? I have been on JC and I have lost some weight.I just have a hard time eating frozen food every day..i love organic and fresh..It is just the exercise I need more of..

  4. My sister and I are talking about getting a trainer.. Would there be a discount for 2? We both have about the same weight to lose. She had surgery a few years ago and she needs a program that will help her get started. I walk daily, but need allot more motivation to get this weight off. Could you let us know what is available, Thanks.

  5. Hi Patsy! I saw you sent a message via. our fanpage Victory Get Fit Club on the 27th. I sent a reply on the 28th. I'm didn't see a reply from you so I'll resend it… Thanks for being a fan on our page!

  6. Hello Patsy, I just sent out a newsletter with updated Location information. Can you send me your email address. I'll forward it to you along with pricing details. Becky I can do the same for you as well. Sorry for the delay.

  7. Becky Drake after reading a few of these posts it looks like you can get a discount if you sign up with a partner. If that is true let's talk about doing this.

  8. For sure Becky Boo. They have them all over the sound but I think I would do the one in Kent. They are at like 5 or 530am but it would be a great way to get your morning started. I will let you know.

  9. How do I find the pricing for each class? I am in the Kent area and have been thinking about joining victory get fit club for a long time but I need to know the prices before I can take the next step.

  10. Hello Jisoo, any one can start at anytime and not limited to start dates. Last Monday we started a 9:45am and 5:45pm 3 week Federal Way Camp, so you’re definitely not too late. After this camp we will take a short 1 week break due to Spring Break in the first week of April then resume again for 3 weeks on the 9th. Our clients are normally 18 years and older with rare exceptions. We have a first timer trial package: 4 sessions for $40 package. Let me know if you’d like to try it out and I’ll help you get set up. If you have any other questions please let me know! ~Clem

  11. Hi ! I want to join your Fit Camp for Federal Way, but the start date already passed. When will there be another opportunity to sign up for a full 4 week Fit Camp? And is there a certain age you have to be ? Thanks ! (:

  12. Hi Nancy! Every summer I run an evening FitCamp 5:30-6:30pm downtown Kent. I live in Federal Way, but Kent seems to have more workout options in parks and trails for evening exercise. Will south Kent work for you? If so, we will start in June for a 3 week Summer Shape Up FitCamp.

  13. Hi, I am intersted in your fitcamp in federal way but it is too early at 5:00am. Is there any other session in evening time or late afternoon? Thanks!!

  14. Hi Cheryl! We will be fully back outside in the next camp, lighter & warmer mornings. Right now we are only outside on Wednesdays. It’ll be great to have you back! Enjoy the sun & have a great weekend.

  15. Hello,

    I did boot camp for a couple of months a couple of years ago with Alfred as the trainer. I am very interested in joining the next kent am session in April. Will it be outside or inside?


    Cheryl Sturman

  16. Hi Tracy! Thanks for your inquiry. We had an evening fitness camp going in Renton for awhile but it was hit or miss with attendance. We will have an evening program in Renton in the future, but we are deciding what we will offer & where. I’ll keep you posted. Just in case you are interested… our 5:30AM Renton is a fabulous group of hard working and very encouraging women. They are consistent & dedicated to the program & achieveing results. If you ever want to be our guest & come try it out… please let me know. We’d love to have you!

  17. Hi. I am looking for an evening class after 6pm in Renton, is there any classes that are offered later in the evening? Please let me know A.S.A.P.Thanks

  18. Hi Elsa,
    Kent PM is on! We have at least 5 people to have a class. This is our last 4 week boot camp for the summer before it gets dark in the evenings. I hope you can join us, it starts tonight. Tues & Thursday nights 5:30pm starting 8/24-9/16, 8 sessions. $180 for 2 people or $120 for 1. Contact me before you register for discount code if you are attending with a friend.
    Register here:
    or go to the Register tab above & hover your mouse on it. Scroll down to Kent Evenings & you will see the info for the class.

    And to reply to Daniela’s questions (who is currently in our 5:30am Kent Meridian Boot Camp), yes you may come and try out our sessions at any time or join our sessions anytime. Even after the start of a program.

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