Fat Loss Coach & Meal Prep Plan

4 week Lifestyle Re-style!!

Space Limited. First come first served. You will be notified of estimated plan completion.

Online Coaching, Accountability, Results Tracking, and 1 Meal Prep Plan

Do a search… #MealPrepMonday & #FoodPrepSunday is a REAL “thing”! People everywhere do it. A woman with a plan prepared to implement it is unstoppable.

~ Hit a plateau?
~ Too far away to join us in the club?
~ Need a Meal Prep Plan for results?
~ Lacking accountability?
~ Working out but not transforming?

Q. “I’d like to participate in a Bikini/Figure/Physique/Bodybuilding Show. Is this for me?”
A. No. This is a general public fat loss/weight loss program. Competition prep requires daily regular check ins of progress and there is a lot more game planning and preparation involved for the success of a Natural Bodybuilding Athlete. Contact us for a consultation at LEAST 6 months (longer if possible) prior to your selected show date. CLICK HERE for more info

Q. “How does this work if I’m too far away to come in?”
A. The following applies to both long distance and local clients with the exception that a local client will come in for progress measurements and have an in person coaching & target setting session every 2 weeks.

1. Questionnaire collects info regarding:
•Your daily work schedule
•Exercise schedule
•Food likes and dislikes
•Water intake
•Current weight & height
•Desired goal

2. You will receive ONE meal prep plan before your shopping and meal prep day. Adjustments to the plan will be made based on your weekly progress reports IF needed.

3. Accountability: Every Monday we set weekly targets in our private secret Facebook group. Fridays you will report the ratio of success of the targets you set on Monday. You also set weekend intentions and report success ratio again on Monday.

4. Long distance clients: Send a before picture in 3 different stances (front, side profile, and back). You’ll send progress photos 2 weeks later and then again at the end of the 4 week accountability. Based on those pictures, advise and exercise homework will be given to improve your shape.

A full one week written out workout plan based on your needs, goals, and physique is not included. It’s an additional $75 (cost of an 1 hour Personal Training session). Youtube links to videos will be given to show proper form.

$199: The initial investment for 4 week online coaching and accountability with meal prep plan. To get started, schedule appointment here.

50% Discount for month-to-month continual participation in the 4 weeks action accountability and coaching program with a new meal plan revamp. No contract, may be canceled anytime.

What is it?
Past participants can tell you best….





How does accountability work?
Using a Private Closed Group space on Facebook not visible to the public, together we will work on weekly habit assignments that will help us begin to practice using them in our lives.

Why will this work when other attempts haven’t?
Partnership~ Accountability~ Participation Dependability

As you have read in the testimonials, your regular & daily participation does not only benefit your own progress, but you also help others find their own energy for their commitment. It’s a win-win.. Givers Gain symbiotic community of support!

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