Our Mission: Give hope & empower women to live Victoriously in a community of health, confidence, beauty, and joy.

We met 19 yrs ago working in clubs for 24hr fitness in San Jose. I was on my 3rd year as a pescetarian, he just returned home from college getting his bearings as a personal trainer. We got pregnant young and Alfred worked hard to become a Fitness Manager. We moved to Seattle to be with my family. The job search was tough for a Fitness Manager, he was laughed at in an interview and told that no one in Seattle would pay for training. A couple years later 24hr bought out all of those clubs and Alfred worked his way up to General Manager.
2005 I opened the first outdoor fitness Adventure boot camp in our area (only 2 others existed: Northbend & Spokane). It started slow, dark, and cold.. sometimes no one showed up at 5:30am and other days I had to go to work sick being the only employee. The slow growth was discouraging and then it started to take off. After a tragedy which turned out to be a blessing in disguise, we started our own brand: Victory Get Fit Club in 2009 working our way indoors opening our first club Jan. 7, 2013.
Just like our business, our fitness and health has been a journey that continues to evolve with many many years of learning. 22 yrs ago I stopped eating anything with legs, we’ve watched all documentaries on food & health, eliminated most prepared packaged processed foods, started buying organic, grow our own organic garden, and I go completely vegan or raw vegan 1-2 months a yr. For years we’ve eaten healthier/cleaner than most of society, but that didn’t sculpt our bodies. I even ran 5k’s to full marathons races for 8yrs. And then we were introduced to 100% all natural bodybuilding, finally sculpting the physiques we’ve wanted. No, we are never going to look like the traditional bodybuilder being all natural drug free, that isn’t our desire. But the lifestyle of a bodybuilder has taught us that counting macros (fat/carbs/protein ratios) and prepping food WORKS. Yes it was odd at first being unfamiliar with this subculture, we didn’t own a kitchen scale or knew anyone who weighed their food but found out there’s a physique sculpting society of people who do.
These people prove food prepping and counting macros work. We’ve strived to have our dream bodies by exercising hard even for hours & eating healthy but that wasn’t enough. We wanted a body of a physique sculptor, so we learned to do what they do. The journey continues… excited to be on it with you! Clem & Alfred

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  1. I'm a X- Professional football and know what it takes to got in the best shape you can be in, and this camp is right up there with the best, so I would suggest everyone getting involved in this camp today!

  2. Hello Alma! Thanks for the compliment. We have a great group of women and we have a lot of fun! We have “Clubs” in Kent, Federal Way, and Renton, Wa. You will find our schedule of events and prices on our website on the page tab “Regsiter”. We also offer Zumba Fitness Parties very soon. We will have our FREE Zumba launch party & you’re invited! Sign up for our e-newsletter & stay tuned! http://www.VictoryGetFitClub.com

  3. Hi,

    I like what your “club” is about. How do you get involved and what is the cost?


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