Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss. Be clear on which you want.

Victory Blog

Working out & strength training isn’t an option, it’s a part of life. In the quest to lose ‘weight’, first be clear that you want to lose fat. The look of scale weight loss and fat loss is very different, even at a lighter weight or smaller size.. you still may not feel as lean as you were hoping.I was listening to a conversation of a friend ask another about her food & what she’s doing. In comparing programs she said, “But you work out”. Her program doesn’t require it.If you are a woman over 30 yrs old, strength training is not an option it’s a must for longevity & quality of life. Not only does it change the LOOK of our physique not just size, but it prevents many future health problems as we age. Dieting & cardio alone won’t give you the look, energy, health, & confidence you want.Congratulations Selena on your 2wk Jump Start fat loss! She wins our Victory tote bag & sporting our new hoodie!#fitchicks #fitmom #girlswholift #strongisbeautiful #goaldigger #novictorytoobigorsmall