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#tbt #teamvictorysculptI have learned that I am a lot stronger mentally & physically than I think. I decide "I will" and tell myself that "I can" stick through an exercise or stick to my meal plan, changes begin to happen. In the beginning of this journey I would tell myself I can't do a pull up. But once I stop saying I can't and really applied myself, possibilities opened up. Today I can do a pull up with assistance. My biggest challenge has been staying focused on my goals. There's so many outside factors that one faces. For example my family tells me "You look fine, just have a slice of cake". It is tempting, but I stop and think "No I have a goal." I use the support of the fitchicks to overcome the challenges that I am faced with. I use my accountability partner Karen to keep me on track. We often text each other or if I know I am going to a family function I will post on Facebook that I am going to a birthday and I will not eat anything that is not on my food plan. Knowing that I gave my word helps me. And everyone in the Victory family is always very supportive giving ideas and suggestions that are helpful. ~Vanessa Rodriguez