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Being on this journey with our team has been eye opening, and this is just the beginning as we still have a month to go. I have learned that I can create whatever life and body I want for myself and my family. For instance, I can choose to enjoy healthy food. A year ago I didn’t even like salads, and instead of recipes and grocery lists I had a drawer of takeout menus. Once I committed to a meal plan I was able to choose to develop a pattern of healthy eating and fitness; takeout for lunch and pizza every weekend isn’t worth it anymore! You really can train yourself to acquire a taste for clean food and adapt your lifestyle so it is conducive with your goals. My biggest challenges have been overcoming the self-imposed limitations in my mind and sharing my struggles with people around me. I am idealistic and focused and competitive (all good things), but those traits can lead me right into isolation and feeling that I never quite measure up, no matter how much progress I make. I’m still overcoming these hurdles, but being on a team of strong women who are committed to themselves is refreshing. It’s pushing me to open my mind to new possibilities and to be transparent daily. Victory Get Fit Club, Clem and Alfred in particular, are intentional about coaching this team and all their clients holistically. Being victorious over food and exercise is only part of this transformation process. They have helped me see this as a faith journey, and the discipline carries over in all aspects of life. This bodybuilding show will be a significant snapshot of a moment in time on that journey. -Alyssa #teamvictorysculpt #transformationtuesday #victorygetfitclub