The Teri Rongen Story

“In the very recent past, two members of my extended family suffered through cancer, surgeries, infections as a result of the original surgery, a month long stay in ICU and a years’ worth of follow up. The other family member had a scare of possible terminal liver cancer (who is an alcoholic). Watching all this un-fold in front of me really woke me up. I had been skating along in life, had some bad habits of my own. Seeing how easily your whole life can be turned upside down both unpredictably, but also through your own actions, I decided it was time that I take charge of my life!
I had seen road signs and Alfred and Clem’s truck running around Federal Way advertising Victory Get Fit Club. I signed up. While I have always been “active”, I have never “enjoyed” formal exercise. Throughout my years, I have joined various health clubs, but nothing ever “took”. Also, I knew that based on my lifestyle and advancing age (I’m not that old in the whole scheme of things, but I’m not in my 20’s either!!), I had lost strength. Boy, I sure learned just how much strength in those first few months working out at the Federal Way camp.
But what I also learned was having someone (a trainer) as well as a group of women who were all very welcoming and supportive made me want to get up at 4:30 a.m. and work out in the cold and in the dark.
Each day, I began feeling stronger and happy that I had already accomplished something good before I even got to work in the morning. Each night I would remark on how this muscle or body part hurt. My husband often commented “Shouldn’t you not be hurting anymore?”. Apparently not – because our whole camp comments on muscles waking up and being heard! I think that is what is so unique about the camp and the workouts – your muscles are being tested at each camp.
I like the variety in the work outs, the camaraderie with the women in the camp and how I’m stretching even further with activities outside the camp such as running in organized events. Who would have ever thunk?!? Not me, surely! But I am!
Also, I’m able to see measured improvements in my strength and I’m seeing actual definition and muscles!
At first I paid in short interval payments to make sure my commitment was there. Once I trusted myself to know that I am committed I joined for a year! I’m into my second year with Victory Get Fit Club and I don’t see me leaving it any time soon!
Thanks to everyone – you are all part of my success!”
~ Teri Rongen, FedWay Aug. 2012

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