The NEW Allie Brumley

She just keeps getting better. In her 3rd year with Victory Get Fit Club… here’s her story:

She was cute before... even hotter now!! So proud of you!
“My journey with Victory Get Fit Club started in 2009. I was very overweight, unhappy with myself and where my life was heading, and I wanted so much more. I had tried so many different things to lose weight, but ultimately failed at all of them. But with Victory (and Angie, my trainer) I found what I needed to be successful. A great support system, accountability and a group that loves to celebrate successes – no matter how small. After a year of full time, 5 days/week bootcamp, I took a break after reaching a weight loss of 75 lbs. I needed to rebuild myself, and working from the outside in was exactly what I needed to do that. When I challenged myself – and I succeeded – I rebuilt my confidence in myself and my ability. I became a completely different person in that year – not just physically, but emotionally too. And every aspect of my life was affected by that change – my relationships, my work, and my overall happiness. I was incredibly happy with how far I had come, everything that I had accomplished in that year (including obstacle races, 5k’s, 10k’s, 12k’s, and Half Marathons). I pushed myself and challenged my physical ability more than I had ever before – I took the word “can’t” and removed it from my vocabulary.

In my year away from Victory I worked out regularly at a gym or home and tried different types of workouts and found that it wasn’t as challenging or satisfying as working out with my Victory sisters. So a few months ago I signed back up for full time FitCamp, and even do double workouts some days. The ever changing workouts keeps my body guessing and brings new challenges every day. I am working on my goal of more weight loss and getting to a point of maintenance. I know that I will get there as long as I stay focused and keep working hard, and as Alfred put it “It’s a marathon” – that’s good because I’ve never been much of a sprinter, but I can do long distance. 😉 You owe it to yourself to try, my bet is that you’ll surprise yourself with what you find within when you let it out – you’re probably stronger than you ever gave yourself credit for.” ~Allie Brumley, August 2012

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