Carrie Bixler, FedWay morning FitChick

Carrie did the 4 trial sessions back in April, then returned in June full steam ahead. So happy she’s on my team ~Clem

“Once upon a time…..” isn’t that they way happy endings begin?!
My weight-loss success story has yet to be written, as I’m only on the 2nd session of an annual commitment, a commitment to ME. I am on the road to getting healthy, losing weight, being fit by eating less, moving more! This is after a history of battling my weight by trying a few rounds of HCG (up, down, up, down) and contemplating trying Weight Watchers (for a 4th time). Problem is, I should know this stuff by now! Suspicious of the fairytale stories I told myself before: “I could use HCG as a tool to speed-train myself into a healthy weight”, or, return to Weight Watchers (which is a great program IF you follow it correctly), but I’d only be paying for the accountable weekly weigh in, as I already have all the books and heard all a person could possibly hear about losing weight while sitting in a chair. Problem is: fiction found it’s way into my weight-loss story! The main character in the plot is being a ‘rebel to the rules’ and would (over) eat according to an old lifestyle in the days after the meeting and then trying to change the course of actions prior to the weigh in, only to deceive herself…..never truly winning the battle.
Now, I have turned a corner. A “Fit Friend” told me about Victory Get Fit, although she didn’t have to because I’d been seeing her disappear before my very own eyes in the months before, she is looking fabulous and feeling great! She told me Victory was “fun” and I questioned that adjective when I trialed the sessions, as it was all I could do to survive the hour! But I quickly realized that the gym truly wasn’t as fun (that place with 4 walls, TV monitors to watch to avoid personal eye contact with other patrons), because “I” don’t do the incredible work-out plan to myself that my Victory fitness trainer dreams up for us! With Victory Get Fit Club, you have support in a group setting, building friendships in a positive environment, and the greatest advantage of a personal fitness trainer giving you the work out and eating for life plan. Having never been a runner, nor much of an athlete, Victory is challenging me to get stronger, be stronger…..and, especially after the workout….. I absolutely feel more ALIVE!
You are the author of your own success story! You have the ultimate power to make decisions that will change the course of your life goal’s. If you are researching Victory Get Fit Club’s website, you are on the cusp creating your own “once upon a time” happy ending! I hope to see you Getting Fit soon!” ~Carrie B. August 2012

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