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“r90” reDesign in 90 Days

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“r90” is not a quick fix. It’s a detailed weight loss system that requires food logging, supplementation and working out 4 to 5 days per week. Not all of my clients workouts are with me but all of their workouts and meals are logged in our Online Workout and Nutrition Tracking System. This blog post was written with intent to educate serious people who want to lose weight and understand how to keep it for for life.

So, this is the bottom line. Five things need to happen for you to lose weight and keep it off. Only a genetic freak can stay slim without following this formula. Oh, and by the way, I am a 40 year old former genetic freak. Age catches up to you and shortly thereafter “things” happen to your body that you never thought would happen.

The 5 Components to Weight Loss

1. Food Intake: Consuming 500 calories below your caloric maintenance level will put your body in a position to burn fat.
a. No caloric deficit = No weight lose
b. 80% of your results come from what you eat.
*If you are consuming high quantities of GMO (genetically modified) foods, high fructose corn sugar, or pesticides on your fruits and veggies it’s going to be hard to reach your goal weight.

2. Cardio Vascular Training: 300 Calories Burned (includes after burn [calories burned after completion of cardiovascular training)
a. At least 4 days per week of vigorous training. (Karvonen Formula used to calculate)

3. Resistance Training: 700 calories (includes after burn)
a. After the age of 30, women who do not perform resistance training lose close to 1 pound of muscle each year. This is a major challenge because the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn. If you ever wondered why men, in general, are able to get away with eating more food than woman, you now know it’s because most men have more muscle/fat burning machinery than most women. THIS IS WHY, IN MOST CASES, I ASK MY FEMALE CLIENTS TO INCREASE THE AMOUNT OF WEIGHT THEY USE WHEN WORKING OUT. THREE POUND DUMBBELLS, typically do not deliver results. MUSCLE MUST BE LOOKED AT AS A VALUABLE FAT BURNING FRIEND that allows you to burn large amounts of fat/calories over a 24 hour time frame. After you reach your goal, if you do not like the muscle you have, I will burn it off you in 2 weeks. Muscle is much easier to burn off than fat. Your body will attack your muscle first if you don’t do this properly. Some of us wonder, “why can’t I lose the amount of weight I desire to lose”. 95% of the time my reply would be “Its because your muscles are not conditioned to assist you in burning large amounts of fat”. So, increase your weights and please take component #4 seriously.

4. Supplementation: Acquire nutrients without calories.
a. Over 15,000 Americans completed a survey in regards to nutrients consumed through food intake. Guess how many consumed the amount our government says you need to function properly? None….Why…Probably because you need to consume about 6,000 to 7,000 nutritious calories each day to meet standards. Even if someone was able to eat that much food you would need to consider a $60 to $80 per day grocery bill. I don’t know about you but I don’t have enough time in a day to burn that many calories nor will I pay that much to feed myself and 3 other people that much.
b. Using Nutritional Supplements will give you the nutrients needed without added calories. You will stay within a 1000 to 1500 calorie deficit daily. Think about this, if you are eating less food, you are taking in fewer nutrients which puts you in a nutrient deficit that goes hand and hand with your calorie deficit. If your body does not have what it needs to function properly what happens? Your body will pull nutrients from your muscle because most of the nutrients your body needs can be found in your lean muscle. Since your body has been created to survive by any means necessary, if you don’t consume adequate amounts of nutrients, you will atrophy (loss of lean muscle tissue) which in turn slows your metabolism.

5. Professional Assistance: The above components must be altered to insure you do not plateau.
a. Example: A 150 pound women cannot eat, perform her cardiovascular exercises or conduct her resistance training the same why she did when she 200 pounds if she expects to continue seeing results.
b. We are all aware of the above components. If you were not aware of them, I’m sure you could figure it out online in a day or so. One think you cannot get form the web is accountability. The internet won’t push you to eat, sleep or train in the ways needed to see the results you want. I know this because you are still reading my blog post looking for a solution. For this reason hundreds of thousands of women and men hire professionals help take their fitness program to a higher level.

r90 Day Challenge Details

1. Conduct a strategy session to get you set up on our Online Nutrition Program.
a. We will be showing you how to use our system, upload your before & after picture, create meals, edit meals and much more. Yes you must take a before picture.
b. We will come to an agreement as to the types of foods you would like to eat and put them into a realistic meal plan. You must commit to sticking with the meal plan we create for the entire 90 days. You get 1 free day per week to eat what every you want. Outside of that you must eat exactly what’s on your meal plan.
c. All meals must be logged before midnight.
d. You must maintain an “A” grading for your meals and workouts for 90 days.

2. You must workout 4 days per week. 1 day can be on your own or outside of FitCamp.

3. You must take the supplements I recommend. No exceptions…If you are nutrient deficient, “r90” doesn’t work.
a. In order for you to succeed I need your body in the perfect environment for change. As we all know, the best supplements are not cheap and in most cases they are only sold exclusively by someone who can help you understand how to use them correctly. I distribute supplements for 2 companies. I primarily distribute general health nutriticeutical supplements for Pharmanex. Anything that I can’t get from Pharmanex I can access through Supplement RX.

4. You must agree to a 90 day commitment to the workouts, meal plan and nutritional supplements.

5. Optional: Allowing me the opportunity to share your success story with other women who want to be inspired by your achievements.

I’ve done extensive research in regards to Pharmanex. My wife and have been using their product for years. I’ve had multiple visits with the chief scientist, Dr. Joe Change and I’ve also visited their laboratories on several different occasions. Pharmanex puts together the best products available. The best part is they have given me a way to prove there products work. I am able to test your antioxidant levels in 90 seconds then retest after taking their product for 60 days. If your score does not improve the money you invested is refunded back to you (60 day Money Back Guarantee on Lifepak Scanner Certified Products). The device, Bio-Photonic Scanner, was demoed on the Dr. Oz show a few months ago. Dr. Oz’s scan scored was off the charts. Dr. Oz definitely practices what he preaches.

Click image to watch this Dr. Oz Video

The below images have attached links on top of them. The pricing next to the Pharmanex images is what I pay for the products. My wholesale pricing will be passed on to you. When you click on the link, retail pricing, which is marked up 25% to 30%, will be displayed. Disregard retail pricing. That is not what you will invest. Click on the below images to preview the required supplements in detail. Please dig deep. Do your homework. I want you to understand what you are taking and why you are taking it. You can email questions to Watch this quick video to see why I feel the way I do about Pharmanex.

Supplement # 1

Multivitamin: Pick one of the 3 vitamins below
Good: $29.95
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Vitox Supplement

Better: $64
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Best: $122
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Lifepak Nano

Supplement #2

Ageloc Vitality: $51.10

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ageLOC Vitality

Supplement #3

Tegreen 97: $52.30
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Tegreen 97

Supplement #4

Metabotrim: $20.30
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Supplement # 5

Protein Shake: $35

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* Dairy, Soy and gluten free, vegetarian.

Natural Vanilla Flavor
30 Servings
12g Vegetable Protein (Pea, Rice, Chia Seed)
4g Carbs (Sweeteners – Xylitol and Stevia)
Lactose Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free
r90 protein boost, protein shake

Other Protein Options (you only need one protein supplement)
To order RX Supplements need a sales coded: (VGFCWA01000)

Meal Replacement: You can choose Soy or Whey. You will have 2 shakes per day.

Good: $23.40
Optimum: 100% Soy Protein (non-GMO)
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100% Soy Protien non GMO

Best: $65.99
RX Building Blocks Protein Vanilla (Tastes Great)
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RX protein Vanilla

Supplement RX Sales Coded: (VGFCWA01000)
Email Alfred at or to call 206-354-5449 for get set up.

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