Happiest 3 miles on Earth

Congratulations to everyone who this month participated in an event for their very first time. I hoped to surprise Teri Rongen at the Tacoma St. Paddy’s day 5k, this would’ve been her crossing the finish line, but I couldn’t find her in the sea of wigs & green.

Yesterday’s Big Climb for Leukemia was AMAZING!! Tammi Finley, Jill Grinde-Leach, Silvia Fresnado, Jenny Tercero, Paty Guiterrez, Lani White, & Arlesia Baily… Very first time Victorious Climbers! 1,311 steps & 69 floors sounds like an impossible feat.. but with one foot in front of the other, 14-34 mins. later and it’s finished. ALL MENTAL, overcoming the battle field of the mind. Check it out, we climbed higher than all those buildings…. BEST FINISH LINE VIEW of any race in Seattle!

I think we climb just for the view and the finish line goodies

Next Sunday we will be at the Seahawk 5 & 12k. Walkers, joggers, and runners all alike. But if you’re a bit nervous & need some time to train for your first 3 mile walk, jog, or run, join us in May for the Happiest 3 miles on EarthThe Color Run’s first time in Seattle!

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