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Hello, my name is Nicole wall. I currently live in Renton Washington and attend the Renton FitCamp with Alfred Ra’oof. Welcome to my Journey.

When Alfred mentioned that his personal 2012 goal was to help 10 different people lose 30 lbs in 90 days, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Before he agreed to help me, he asked me “Why do you want to do this”? This was difficult for me to answer because I had to admit a few things: I am tired of being overweight. I want to fit into an airplane sit comfortable without worrying if I can buckle the seat belt. I want to try on cloths in other than the plus size department.

After I started The R90 Challenge (reDesign in 90 Days), grocery shopping became my enemy. It was difficult to walk throughout the store without thinking about all that yummy food that I was now not supposed to eat. What used to be my comfort foods are now the devil. My life changed during the first 3 weeks of R90. During the first week I experienced headaches and had such strong craves for sugary things. This soon ended as my body adjusted to not having caffeine, pasties, and a lower calorie intake.

I have replaced my daily Grande Chai Tea Latte for a chocolate shake with peanut butter and a banana. Instead of having mayonnaise with my tuna fish sandwich I now add mustard. I chose Zumba over sitting on the couch watching TV. Instead of eating at Taco Time or Wendy’s for lunch every day, I now pack my lunch. I think about food all the time. Everytime I walk through my kitchen I have to make a conscious effort not to put something in my mouth. Not feeling stuffed is a new feeling for me. I grew up having to eat everything on my plate and philosophy has continued into my adult life. Let’s admit it, I am overweight because I used to eat too much and didn’t exercise.

I read that if you do something for 30 days it becomes a habit. I am hoping this is true and that my new way of life continues even after R90. I recently participated in my first 3k snowshoe event and am going to participate in a 20k bike ride in April. FitCamp with Victory Get Fit Club has giving me the opportunity to make new friends that like to exercise which helps me stay motivated.

After 5 weeks of R90, I am proud to say that I have lost 14lbs. My pants are fitting better and I have more energy. Seeing my results I know that I will lose the estimated 30lbs. The best part is that after my husband hugged me this weekend, he told me that I felt smaller. I love food but I know that I will love being skinny even more.


8 thoughts on “My 30lb Journey by Nicole Wall

  1. Nicole, Thank you for supporting me and hanging in there on this journey with me. I am so glad we are doing this together and I have you as a friend. I know we can get where we want to be in life. And, I can't wait to ride again and often. If we can persevere in the snow like we did last week, I am sure nothing will hold us back! You can always count on me to give you a lift whenever you need one. -Barb

  2. Hi Nicole – I love food also and have much to lose – the exercise, motivation from Alfred and others is making a difference in my life. I just feel so much better about everything. Best Wishes on this journey – you are a motivation to me and others. I will be rooting for you!

  3. Keep on moving, Nicole. You are an inspiration to us trainers and also the women you come in contact with every day. You are a shining example of strength and motivation for yourself and others. Keep living one day at a time. I promise it does get easier. Congratulations on making the choice to make a change. That is often the hardest part.

  4. You go girl!! Repeat after me … ” Food is to fuel my body. Food is for fuel, not for feelings.” Sounds like you’re on your way to building a new relationship with your body and soul and with food. That is exactly what your body and soul need! Go get it!
    See you outdoors enjoying your new body and the strength it can have!

  5. I love food too, but I definitely love being skinny better… oh and all the benefits like hugs I get from my husband : ) Keep it up Nichole, thanks for the story!!

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