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Ouch, my knees hurt after Zumba

Yesterday I forgot to change my shoes after FitCamp and went to Zumba class with my New Balance running shoes. I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal. But… ooh it did!

1. The shoes were heavier, my movements were less quick… the extra effort made me tired fast.
2. Besides hiking shoes, running shoes have more tread than cross-trainers or any other shoe. The tread is made for forward motion and Zumba is performed in all kinds of directions at any given time. So twisting and turning and changing directions were owwie on my knees. Check out the pivot ball on the bottom of my Pumas.
3. My Pumas slide nicely without gripping or sticking to the floor…. I felt way less graceful with my runners on.


1. Buy shoes made by Zumba.
2. Buy shoes made for dance.
3. Buy shoes with very little or no tread.
4. Place duck tape over the tread to give it a flatter surface
5. Turn your gym shoes into Zumba shoes with Slip-On Dancers

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One thought on “Ouch, my knees hurt after Zumba

  1. Thanks for the post. My knees hurt after my Zumba classes, but I LOVE them. I don’t really want a dance shoe because most lack cushion. I saw your recommendation for Slip-On Dancers and ordered a pair. I hope they do the trick. Thanks!

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