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Century Challenge day 2: Friendships

I really like this new challenge.  It’s extremely doable.  I can fit it into my daily life easily, I don’t have to change into gym clothes,  so all excuses are eliminated.  I add exercises to parts of my daily activities that I normally would do leisurely (like shampooing my hair!).  Same concept I use for veggies, I fit those in to everything I can.  Wow, a healthy lifestyle really is about revamping the thought process.

So here’s the skinny, with the positive energy and camaraderie that the 30/30 Challenge and now the Century Challenge has caused, I am so inspired and motivated by those around me.  I have been re-energized to go for my best and want more for myself.  Yes, I am smaller than I what I was in highschool and definitely smaller than my rollercoaster sizes 6 through 14 in my 20’s.  But, skinny isn’t my motivation…. I want to feel proud of myself!  I want to know that I am mentally strong enough to overcome any physical challenge I want.   Because, “Why not me?”

The other night, I went to a party with some friends and one of them gave me a high five and said she was proud of me for eating a piece of dessert with dinner because I usually have one or the other but never both.  She was happy that I was making a choice that is less than my best.  Normally, this comment would not have bothered me but this time it made me uncomfortable.  I started noticing other random comments friends would say, like “You’re crazy” or “That’s crazy” whenever an enormous goal like a marathon or triathlon would be mentioned.  I noticed how my energy changes and my power lowers whenever a negative comment is made.  Being called ‘crazy’ makes me feel like I don’t fit in.  There’s a norm and my ideas & dreams don’t fit in.

But, “Why not me?”.  Why is running a marathon or doing a triathlon crazy?  Is it crazy to want to be more, have more, and do more?  I think that complaining about life & circumstances, saying you want things, but not doing anything to change is crazy.  But then I noticed how many more people don’t think I’m crazy.  In fact, there are many people who are cheering me on and feeding my spirit with positive energy.  If I’m going to reach audacious goals, I will need to be filled with that encouraging energy and protect my mind and spirit from those who can steal that.  I will need to surround myself with people who can believe with me, especially during those times when I’m weak and don’t believe enough for myself.

My advise, be selective of what and who you let affect your spirit & protect your personal power.  Seemingly innocent comments are seeds that can grow into weeds that will choke out your dreams.

4 thoughts on “Century Challenge day 2: Friendships

  1. Thank you parismtnstriding! Your blog “Broken to Bad-ass” is a great read of your journey and goals. Thanks for the encouragement and keep up the awsome work!

  2. Aneesah, thanks for being with me on this journey as we grow together. I see great things in our future! I appreciate your support and posting my blog on your Facebook wall!

  3. Love being challenged to grow into a strong woman both physically and spiritually.. on to my second day of the Century Challenge.. I am going to conquer my push -ups : )

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