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Changing my Relationship with Exercise

by Karen Ball, LMHC and Coach

A few years ago a friend told me that her gym was her “sanctuary”. I did a double take, because I had never thought of a gym as a sacred place. A gym was more like jail time to me. A sanctuary was where I went to worship. She thought of her gym as a place of refuge where she set aside time and energy to take care of her body. This was such a different way of thinking about the time, place and energy that she set aside for herself.
I stumbled upon my own sanctuary in January of 2008 when I joined Puget Sound Adventure Boot Camp to lose the last 5 pounds. I had been on a weight loss journey for about 6 years slowly changing my relationship with food and losing 35 pounds. On a cold January morning I showed up on the KM field at 5:30 AM. On the inside I questioned what in the world I was doing, since I did not like to exert myself and sweat. The plan was to attend for a month or two and lose the 5 pounds. I found that I liked being with other women who expected me to show up. So I decided to show up every day. That included days when I was tired, sore, when it was sunny and when it snowed. Slowly, gently and deeply I began to change my relationship with exercise. It dawned on that all the negative thoughts about exercising out were making it harder. I had to catch them when they occurred and change them. I started to make friends with exercise. My friendship with exercise has great benefits. 5:30 AM is now a sacred time that I set aside to take care of my whole self. What I learned about myself is that I am a social person and I could use that people passion to become what I call a “social exerciser”. I love having a sanctuary, being a part of a group that challenges me, cheers for me, and calls me “Fit Chick!

Now Victory Get Fit Club helped me beat the statistics of 50% drop out rate for exercise programs within 6 months. (James Gavin, Ph.D.) In the time I have been a “Fit Chick” I have seen women come and go. Some have gone on to other places and ways to exercise, but 50% of the women were part of the statistics that dropped out of exercise. Those women had signed up with good intentions and goals. Why were they not successful? Studies are showing that making changes to healthy behavior like exercise requires two parts.

• Part one is having the skills and knowledge about how to exercise and reach your fitness goals. This includes learning physical training principles, proper body form and knowing your own physical capacity. When you need this hire a trainer or sign up for boot camp.
• Part two is effectively managing the cognitive and emotional challenges that arise when a person wants to make health habits. When you need help with this hire a coach or sign up for a coaching group.

Victory Get Fit Club offers both part one physical training and part two coaching. Your trainer can equip you with physical training principles, proper body form and help you go at your own pace. Each trainer also has coaching skills and wants to support you as you encounter challenges that prevent you from exercising. The trainers offer support via phone, text, email and Facebook.

Since January of 2009 Victory Get Fit Club also has been offering more support for the cognitive and emotional challenges with the Victorious Living Coaching Groups. The coaching groups are designed to help you change thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes that get in the way of your desire to change behaviors for good. The next 6 week coaching group starts on August 25th at 7-8:30pm. The cost is $119.00 (approximately the cost of one a physical training session each week). It is a work out for your head and your heart! The powerful group dynamic challenges you, provides accountability, teaches new skills, and helps you believe that you can make real and lasting changes. Currently a free one to one coaching is also available when you sign up for the coaching group, making the groups an even greater value.
For more information call Karen Ball, M. Ed., LMHC and Coach @206-954-7822 Crave Change, LLC

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