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Accountability, a supportive community of friendships, learning positive healthy habits and thoughts, and a clear vision of what you want to accomplish will help you achieve your next level of health and fitness. We are not your average crowded gym with wall to wall equipment. At our ‘un-gym’ fitness boutique you receive service, attention, education, coaching, & healthy life skills.

1) Classes:Taught by certified instructors experienced in a their specific practice
*Warm Yoga

2) Group Personal Training: Facilitated by certified Personal Trainers educated in exercise science, muscle imbalances, structural distortions, nutrition, and physical transformation in weight loss or muscle definition. Training includes nutrition support, healthy eating plans, goal setting, & monthly charting of transformation progress.
image*Lean & Tone FitCamp: Recommended for those who are moderately active and most abilities. Each exercise can be modified for various abilities.
imageimage*Strength and Sculpt TRX and Sand Bag Boot Camp: Wanting more definition & shaping? Challenging exercises can be altered for your ability.

The 12 month and 3 month options include FREE CLASSES with no additional membership.

3) Private Training:
Looking for a specific and personalized plan to sculpt the your best possible physique? Looking to see what your best potential will look like? Includes nutrition support, deeper accountability, progress charting, and an individualized workout program to strengthen and target your weak areas.

34303 Pacific Hwy S0, Ste. 116 Federal Way, WA 98003 (Reliable Credit building)

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