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Is it really ever that bad?

Closing Ceremony at the end of 3 Day Breast Cancer walk
Yesterday was my first time attending ceremonies at the 3 days Breast Cancer walk. It was moving & emotional. I went in support of my Kent Meridian FitChick, Tamie Asa, who recently lost 70lbs. She truly inspires me. But, let me also tell you about the countless others who walked 60 miles despite it all…..

* Breast Cancer survivors
* Those undergoing treatment & chemo right now
* Walkers with leg braces & casts
* A walker with only 1 leg
* A walker pushing another in a wheelchair
* 4.5 months pregnant, Kent PM FitChick Melissa Kenn…. YOU ROCK!!
* Those grieving a lost loved one
* Walkers carrying around 100-200lbs of extra body weight
* Everyone who developed sores & blisters on their feet and kept going
* Those who woke up with a sore neck, back, & hip from sleeping outside the last 2 nights but kept going
* and many more….

They deserve all the blessings coming their way! Next time YOU…. skip a workout, won’t (not can’t) get out of bed, or say you’re too tired or sore, ask yourself “Is it REALLY as bad as I’m making it out?” Get perspective & just do it!

I want to be 1 of the 300 volunteers serving next year!

What have you pushed passed when physically, mentally, and emotionally it seemed hopeless? What did you do to keep pressing on? Would love to hear from you below!! Thanks for reading… ~Clem

He LOVES his mom!!

I love my Tamie!! So proud of you...

2 thoughts on “Is it really ever that bad?

  1. Vickie… you’re so amazing!! Sometimes I wonder, “What if this happened to me how would I fair emotionally, mentally, & spiritually?”. But we never really know how tough we are until we’re challenged. Survivors of any obstacle develop a deeper wisdom, power, and peace most people don’t take the opportunity to achieve. Glad you are alive and healthy Vickie. Enjoy the life you live!!

  2. Hi Clem,

    I can totally relate. Last October (yes during Breast Cancer Awareness month!) I found out I had breast cancer. It was very scary. With all of the support of family and friends & God’s grace, I am very proud to say that one year later, I still stand! That is so awesome that you showed your support for such a great cause.

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